Featured FAQ's

Receiving packages while in or out of the house is now extremely convenient, as Posthubb has the deliveries placed in a safe external smart electronically controlled box stress free, notified through the app when your parcel arrives. Posthubb receives packages that works for you, you don't work around their delivery time anymore!

Posthubb will protect your daily parcels from the porch pirates, being lost or stolen, damage and thrown over or left outside to get wet and damaged.

We recommend that you install it on the porch, preferably next to the front door. Other ideas recommended are that you can fit Post Hubb to a variety of different places, because this product is all-weather proof and can be affixed to the ground or wall it’s versatile in which position it could sit it, and it brings a stylish minimalist look, to suit all houses. Great options would be near to the porch areas of all different types, semi's or detached. Also you could fix to a set of iron or wooden gates or simply to the wall where the gates are situated to avoid anyone trying to post a 'sorry we missed you card' through the letter box at the gates as they couldn’t get in, well now they can use Post Hubb to place the parcel in, either affixed to the gates or the properties wall next to the gates.

Yes, expansion screws in the kit provided can be used to secure the Posthubb to the ground or a wall on your porch.

Posthubb is water-resistant + all weather proof. The surface features a smart water diversion system that directs precipitation leaked from the outside to the bottom drainage trough through the surrounding inner wall, keeping parcels dr

It is made of ABS plastics, on thick outer shell and an inner shell for products to be stored

It can hold anything as long as the items will fit in, 100 kg weight sensor will see fit for most parcels.

In order to receive a delivery with Posthubb, the courier will read his or her special instructions you left the pin code in when you placed the order of the items, from here they will enter this code into Posthubb, in which will open the lid to then place the parcel in it.


What stops the second delivery person taking the first package out?

There is a weight sensor that senses any fluctuation in weight. So when there is a different weight added or subtracted (then weight settles), the sensors can detect if a parcel was removed.

The time in which this was done is recorded and the previous weight (what it fluctuated to and then subtracted) Even if they gain a little intellect and replace the old parcel with a decoy well. 1 How do they know the exact weight to replace it with, they don't 2. We’d know about it because they had have to remove the package, even if they swapped it at lightening speed the sensor will detect the tiny incremental change in the subtraction of weight, then the additional weight thus a ‘fluctuation’ in the weight, as the sensor monitors this and will pick it up. This data is all recorded and saved in the onboard CPU transferred to your app, then can be used as evidence to get back to the company that you had a delivery that was clearly stolen due to the weight fluctuation. They can then cross track the records to see who was on delivery at that time on that day to find out whom it was delivering the parcels from that company.

On the flip side, If the customer tries to fake claim, they cannot enter the same pin they used for a month. Why? Because we’d have customers claiming stolen items when they’d be doing it themselves pretending parcels were stolen when they weren't. There are 10,000 possible combinations that the digits 0-9 can be arranged into, to form a four-digit code. So you will not be strapped for code selection within this particular time frame. We may even move this to 2 months because it just makes sense.

The driver that delivered at that time only had access, well how do you know?

We know because each driver has a different access code that you entered on the special instructions page. Every purchase you make, you will be entering a code in the instructions for the delivery drive to use, and that same code on Post Hubb app (to program Post Hubb to open when that code you chose is entered), in order for them to access Post Hubb. This will 100% tell you and the company who stole the package at the time of fluctuation who was out delivering at that precise time and date because he/she was the only one that had the specific code to access your Post Hubb via their instructions.

The same code cannot be used twice, upon entering and accepting the pin that was entered correctly, it is wiped from the system on the spot, so when it shuts you cannot enter that code again to open it.

In the application (for iOS or Android, free download- you create your own profile and can use the same biometrics to open the app as you do your mobile) you can set as many code combinations as you like. For example, if you have ordered from 4 different websites for that particular week, you would have set 4 different codes, (1 per checkout). Every time one code is entered, it is wiped immediately as previously stated.

Let us also realise that, the actual delivery drivers are less likely to steal it is the passing by pedestrians that see it laying on the front porch after delivery in which prompt them to steal. Stolen items is only one of many problems. Other major problems include thrown over, damaged inside goods, rained on packages, and most annoyingly missing a parcel & it being sent back to the original sender. There's millions of people going through these issues world wide let alone the UK, plenty of articles written up out there showing such chaos and frustration to this whole parcel scene. So this is why Post Hubb is the answer. Our product is going to have a beautiful shiny polished gloss black minimalist look to it, all weather proof, 3 month battery, such a fantastic product for the home owner that loves their deliveries. It's about having the convenience when being out and about that also Post Hubb brings. So many benefits to this product this is why thousands are signing up to buy one and ready to enjoy stress free future deliveries.

Battery: You will receive a notification that the battery is low via the application, 20%, 10%, 5%. If you happen to miss all these notifications and you still don't charge it, the back up battery will kick in when the main runs out, and power Post Hubb for 4-5 extra days. To remove the main battery there is a 'Push in Push out' instalment inside which is very nice and easy to use to extract your battery from. From here like a normal mobile device, you will charge the main battery over night and return the battery the next day for another 3 months of battery use.