About Us

It's really painful when you order anything online, and it doesn't reach you safely. Isn't it?

This is where the security of having Posthubb comes in. Posthubb provides a solution on-device AI human detection sensor capable of 180-degree fields of view which will help to keep track of each and every delivery from start to end, making it foolproof for your delivery man.

Receiving packages while out of the house is now extremely convenient, as Posthubb eliminates and solves the problem by placing the item in a safe external smart electronically controlled box for the consumer to retrieve when they return home. Work with the box, not around the delivery time!

This porch pirate deterrent is made from ABS plastics fused with steel plating to ensure its high durability and heat-resistant, paired with innovative locking mechanisms.

Posthubb will become illuminated via buttons, logo and courtesy lights as a form of welcoming the delivery or owner to their box, this will inform the courier of the existence of Posthubb as they approach which can be deactivated for day or nighttime use.

To ensure the safety of delivery, Posthubb locks the lid when the courier is finished delivering the parcel. To unlock it, the courier receiver only needs to enter the access code, which will be on the waybill. Only two persons, you and the delivery driver, can access the PostHubb box, thus it's safe.

Upon delivery this is also where the convenience of the application comes in, once the parcel is delivered and Post Hubb is closed correctly, this will then notify the customer via the app that their parcel has indeed been delivered. The app is an interface to manage your Post Hubb on demand.