Safeguarding your valuable


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The Benefits


Monitor and control via smartphone.


Never miss deliveries.


24/7 protection from theft and weather.

How does it work?

Receiving packages while in or out of the house is now extremely convenient, as Posthubb has the deliveries placed in a safe external smart electronically controlled box stress free, notified through the app when your parcel arrives.

Posthubb receives packages and works for you, you don't work around their delivery time anymore!

Secure your deliveries

Easy Access for Delivery

Effortless Convenience

Huge Capacity

Anti-Theft Protection

All Weather Resistant

Tested and Proven Product

Resist Temp Ranging from 50 to -50

Air Tight

Ways to open

Step 1

Enter a code into the PostHubb app

Step 2

Enter this same code into your delivery instruction

Step 3

Get notified when your parcels have succesfully been delivered

Step 4

Retrieve with either your master code or unlock through PostHubb app

Available now